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emTronix for Pocket PC 2002 2.0

emTronix for Pocket PC 2002 2.0

emTronix for Pocket PC 2002 Publisher's Description

emTronix is an invaluable utility for Electrical, Electronics and communications Professionals and students.

This NEW UPDATED VERSION of emTronix has got options as follows :

  • Star to delta conversions
  • Delta to star conversions
  • RLC calculator
  • IC 7400 series
  • Basic Operational Amplifier circuits
  • Common connectors
  • Electronic Symbols
  • Color Coding
  • Logic Gates
  • Ohms law calculator
  • Impedance calculator
  • Morse code Encoder
  • Reactance calculator
  • Resonance calculator
  • Three phase connections
  • Citizen band
  • Copper characteristics
  • Dielectric Constant
  • K- factor calculator
  • Metal /alloy resistance
  • Radio Frequency spectrum
  • 555 Timer
  • Fundamental constants
  • C/L Energy calculator
  • Electromagnetic spectrum.

    Star to Delta and Delta to Star conversions can be performed in no time.

    RLC calculator - calculates the resistance, Inductance or Capacitance values either connected in series or parallel.

    IC 7400 series - has got the pin configuration details for 7400 series IC's.

    Basic Operational Amplifiers circuits - comes with the circuit diagrams for Inverting amplifier, Non Inverting amplifier, offset circuit, Integrator, Differential amplifier, Voltage Follower and Summer.

    Common Connectors - has got options to view the pin configuration of 5 pin,9 pin, 25 pin RS-232, 25 pin parallel and 36 pin printer connectors.

    Electronic Symbols - displays the symbols of basic electronic elements.

    Color coding - helps to calculate the resistance value of any resistor including the tolerance value if color is chosen as input, vice versa operations can also be performed.

    Logic Gates lists the gates with symbol and truth table for each.

    Ohms law calculator - calculates the value for V, I, R or P taking any two of these values as input.

    Impedance Calculator -Series and parallel impedance will be calculated depending on the user inputs.

    Morse code Encoder will display the relevant Morse code according to the data given by the user.

    Reactance Calculator - Capacitive and inductive reactance will be calculated depending on the user inputs.

    Resonance Calculator - Series and parallel resonance will be calculated depending on the user inputs.

    Three Phase Connection - Primary voltage, Secondary voltage and turns ratio will be calculated according to the specified conversion such as Star - Delta, Delta - Star conversions etc.,

    Citizen Band - frequency relevant to channel values is displayed in the range 1 - 40.

    Copper Characteristics - Characteristics of copper such as resistance, tensile strength and much more is displayed.

    Dielectric Constant - will display the lower and higher dielectric constant values for different materials.

    K factor - 'K' values are displayed based on the corresponding dB values.

    Metal/Alloy Resistance - Resistance values for the different metals and alloys will be displayed along with symbols.

    Radio Frequency - Applications and data available in a particular region of the radio-frequency spectrum will be displayed when clicked at the appropriate region.

    555 Timer - Frequency will be calculated according to the selected mode (monostable and astable modes) in 555 timer.

    Fundamental Constants -Some important fundamental constants such as Boltzmann's constant, etc., are displayed for use in various calculations.

    C/L Energy calculator - Capacitive and Inductive energy can be calculated based on user input.

    Electromagnetic Spectrum - Applications and data available in a particular region of the electromagnetic spectrum will be displayed when clicked at the appropriate region.

    Need to Perform Quick Calculations? Easy! Forgetting concepts - No way! As you have got the emTronix with you. Try this unparalleled utility right now ! We are sure that you would recommend to your friends.

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